Everyone should do their part to help improve the environment. It takes little effort and by ‘going green,’ the earth is safer and healthier for us all, including future generations. There are many ways to ‘go green.’ learn those ways and pick a few of your favorites to help do your part to protect the environment. Want a few starter ideas? Take your pick of the following ‘green’ ideas.

·    Nix the mail and use electronic communication only

·    Stop drinking bottled water. Add a purifier to the faucet instead.

·    Use green janitorial services phoenix to clean your home and/or business. Using environmentally-safe products cleans the area to perfection and don’t harm the planet.

·    Match the switch to an energy-efficient lightbulb. You’ll help the environment and your bank account since they cost less to operate.

·    Walk wherever you can and bike other places. We might be inclined to get in the car but this causes exhaust fumes and other dangers to the environment.

·    Learn how to recycle and find an area recycling center to take all your paper, plastic, and cardboard. This is one of the simplest and most effective ways to ‘go green.’

·    Use ‘Energy Star’ appliances throughout the home. Whether it’s a water heater or a washing machine, it pays off to look for the label.

·    Turn the lights off when not in use. And avoid turning them on at night until absolutely necessary.

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·    Use cold water to wash clothes. It is just as effective as hot water and costs so much less.

·    Buy second hand whenever you can. Tons of thrift stores and consignment stores carry secondhand items that cost a fraction of the price of new and reduce landfill waste. Double win.

·    Turn down the temperature on your water heater and on the thermostat!