Printing Companies A Lot Smaller October 8, 2020 October 8, 2020 admin

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Gone are the days when you used to have huge smokestacks dominating the skyline, giving you every indication that you were quite possibly driving by your local printing press. Globally, many such large printing companies have been forced to shut its doors. How times have changed. But many a printing company has managed to survive somehow. And as they also like to say, there’s new kids on the block.

But the best on the block are also learning from the old hands. You may well have digital printing by now, but not to be forgotten are the tried and tested principles and practices of printing, going back to the days of the Gutenberg press and block by block metal letter printing. Yes, well, printing companies are a lot smaller these days. The staff compliment has been whittled down quite considerably.

Gone are the days when you could hear the old foghorn in the distance signalling the end of yet another gruelling nightshift down at your local daily’s press. It is morning light, the sun makes its appearance in the distance, the birds are already chirping, but it is still a little frosty. How early it is still. Today, the block is a lot quieter. These are the only noises you are likely to hear, if your hearing is still sharp.

The distinct but discreet chirping of a desktop printer’s smart mobile. And the ever feint hum of his desktop printing press. By the time the news is out, it is as crisp and clear as it ever was before. And yet. The prose is a lot shorter by now. But it is interesting to note just how much can be said in short three short lines. Smart writing. And smart printing too.